Employee Registration and Payroll Outsourcing in Myanmar

By providing the two functions, our clients are assured of a trouble-free HR operation and can focus on their core businesses without any worries about the HR regulations.

After understanding their needs, we will develop unique and cost-efficient solutions for them.

Below is a brief explanation on how we can support:

Township Labour Office

  • Help clients to fill up the official employment contract based on their unique company policies and needs.
  • Obtain the list of required documents and information to register their companies at the Township Labour office.
  • Support them in filling each individual employee’s employment contract before registering them at the labour office with a comprehensive list of documents.
  • Most importantly, continuously advise and support them on employment regulations and best practices based on the local cultures.

Social Security Benefit (SSB) Office

  • Register the employee at the SSB office with the list of required documents.
  • Coordinate employees’ medical checkup in a time-efficient manner
  • Process the monthly SSB payment.

Income Tax and Payroll

  • Register the employee at the tax office with the required documents.
  • Provide regular advice on the accurate tax calculation in accordance with the latest benefits information.
  • Provide a monthly payroll report based on the gross and net income payable to employees