Recruitment and Executive Search

Quantum approach each recruitment search with speed and efficiency so as to reduce the search schedule without compromising standards.

We pinpoint competencies and motivations to match job seekers with the right culture and role for optimum long-term performance of our client.

The firm’s recruitment process is based on a proven, in-house methodology customized for each client based on the company culture and industry, so as to select the best candidates and pivot them to stay ahead of the rapidly changing landscape.

We bring our international exposure and local knowledge to craft our impeccable service in compliance with in-country regulations.

Scope of Service:

Quantum supports the Client in the entire process of the recruitment including;

  • Discussing with Client to assess the hiring needs.
  • Assist in creating the Job Descriptions and Job Scopes if required.
  • Performing a Mapping process to develop an extensive list of Candidates who suits the capability and fit requirements of Client.
  • Interviewing all prospective Candidates to evaluate their suitability for Client
  • Forwarding the detailed resume and summary report of shortlisted candidates to Client.
  • Coordinating with Client and the selected Candidates for interview and selection assessment processes, if applicable.
  • Participating in the benefit negotiation with the final selected Candidate based on the instructions of Client.
  • Following up to ensure a smooth transition to employment for employed candidate
  • For additional fee and upon Client request, Quantum can undertake detailed verification of employment history and academic accomplishments.

Replacement Guarantee

If a candidate Quantum have placed with the Client resigns, or is terminated, within 12 weeks of the commencement date, Quantum will find a replacement free of charge.

The replacement guarantee is not applicable where the candidate is retrenched due to a downturn in business, closure of business, company takeover or other restructuring, or where there is a significant change to a role or its responsibilities. In situations where the guarantee is exercised, Quantum will work on an exclusive basis for 4 weeks to fulfill the assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a recruitment outsourcing benefit my company?

Cost reduction, hiring time reduction, hire quality are among the most noteworthy benefits your company can enjoy.

Isn't it cheaper to have an internal recruitment team?

Even though building an internal recruitment team sounds appeal, later on you will learn how overwhelming the recruitment and human resources tasks really are. Interview, payroll, tax and these are just some. Not to mention, an internal recruitment team needs to keep up with the latest changes in regulations that may happen regularly.

How does recruitment mechanism work?

As a professional executive search agent, we helps promote job vacancies, screen and shortlist applicants, conduct pre-interviews and arrange final interview with applicants.

How do I know if Quantum has recruiting experience in my industry?

Throughout the years, our Executive Search Consultants and Recruitment Specialists have had extensive experience in an array of industries. They possess the required skills and ability to ask the right questions, regardless of industry and boundaries.

How can you ensure the confidentiality of candidate database?

Confidentiality is important. Before entering into any agreement with our clients, we sign a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) to ensure that all data are kept confidential across all involved activities.