With the combination of on-site and remote supports from our Functional HR Consultants, we are ensuring our clients to have the workplace with HR best-practices in aligned to the corporate values and strategy. This is achieved through our Managed HR Outsourcing Service.

Initially, we will conduct consulting session with management team to understand company’s perspective on the matter. Then crafted the best service outline based on common practices in the industry in align with regulation requirements.

Our Managed HR Service covers but not limited to the following scopes;

  • Strategic Planning, Restructuring and Implementation
  • Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefit Management
  • Time Attendance and Leave Management
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Relation, Diversity, and Grievance Management
  • Retention Management
  • Compliance and Government Relation


Communication to the Employees
(Town-hall Session)

  • Discuss with company management on any critical points to be communicated during the subsequent Town-hall meeting
  • Conducting a Town-hall session with employees to announce new corporate policies and responding to employees’ enquiries
  • The objective of the townhall meeting is to keep update about the company regulations to employees while giving them an opportunity to ask questions, and engage with consultants to clear their confusion and doubt in procedures and regulations.

Time Attendance and Leave Management

  • Direct managing the timesheets and leave application
  • Reviewing and approving or denying the application based on the HR rules
  • Keep track on regular attendance, overtime and penalty on weekly basis
  • Make sure the attendance and work schedule are in align with Myanmar Labour Regulation and in-house agreements
  • Communicating with company management team for updating attendance and leave policies

Resource Allocation

  • HR matters are manage by Quantum and direct reporting to Regional Management
  • Appoint one of Quantum Senior Manager as Point of Contact
  • HR Coordination Team will be stationed in Client’s premises
  • Deploying necessary software and hardware are borne by Quantum
  • Quantum will perform as third-party Grievance Consultant to solve the complaints between employee and with external parties